Guestlink V4

Welcome to Guestlink V4. Log on using your normal Guestlink credentials.

Guestlink + Web Booking

Make the most of your own website by offering online booking. A fully customisable grid from 4% commission or £245 + VAT for the year.

Guestlink + Worldwide

Promote your business on global channels using Guestlink + Worldwide for a £30 integration fee and 3% commission or monthly fee.

Guestlink + Affiliates

Advertise on local and regional channels with no further updates and only pay for bookings you accept all from 5% commission.

Guestlink + eShop

Sell your products, tickets or merchandise using our fully integrated eShop for 4% commission on each order or £145 + VAT per year.

Guestlink + Booking Extras

Make your guest’s stay extra special with options extras sold at the time of booking for either 4% commission or £95 + VAT per year.

Guestlink + Overnighter

Offer bookable local accommodation using our Guestlink + Overnighter scheme for £30 + VAT per year and earn 5% commission on the booking value.

Guestlink + Connect

Use your own PMS but still benefit from all the Guestlink channels in your area for just £50 + VAT for the year.