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  • Guestlink V4 is coming
    A brand new version of Guestlink, Version 4 will be released soon. You can try it now by clicking on the red button in Guestlink. Read more..
    Go to Guestlink v4
  • Guestlink V4 is fully responsive
    This means you can easily update your availability on your mobile phone or use your tablet to check on bookings. Read more..
  • Guestlink V4 is based on real user feedback
    All of the tools in Guestlink are being updated to reflect the suggestions that tourism businesses have sent to our helpdesk. Read more..
  • Guestlink V4 is much easier to use
    When updating Guestlink we have focussed on making each tool easy to use for new and experienced users. A new help section includes assistants to guide you through the set up. Read more..
  • Please tell us what you think of Guestlink V4
    We're releasing Guestlink V4 as a beta so that you can try it and tell us what you think. In Guestlink the red button links you straight through to the beta. The beta updates your account so please starting using it. Read more..

Loyalty Offers

Logon to Guestlink for special discounts on a range of additional services from PCI-DSS advice to website design.

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Use this option to add availability and bookability to your own website. By integrating this easy to use tool on your website, you could significantly increase your bookings. Bookings are delivered straight into Guestlink with email notification if required.